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Just a Coincidence??

God never ever thinks, “Things aren’t going according to plan.” We do. That’s why everything we do has uncertainty built in. With God, everything is moving precisely as He has intended.

It is hard for anyone to go a day, even an hour, without changing in some way. Our thoughts and emotions are in a constant state of flux. Even our greatest desires and plans change over time. God, however, never changes His mind or His course of action in the world. He is an immovable rock, a mighty fortress, and the only sure anchor in an ever-changing world.

The resurrection story of Jesus doesn’t begin in a burial ground, in a cave where a lifeless corpse was entombed for decay. Death had taken this victim. The ones who knew him mourned. Some of his friends were in hiding. They were being hunted. So they decided to wait it out until the heat began to subside.  Others found a way out of the city. The decided to take a less traveled route to avoid detection. They thought it prudent to leave the city and head back home to familiar territory. No one , not his friends or his enemies expected what would happen next.

This story begins in the beginning.

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Prophecy Fulfilled

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